Chanelle01_w150_borderLVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. specializes in supplying, installing and maintaining a comprehensive range of conveyors. Their most recent challenge came from Chanelle Pharmaceuticals in Galway who produce tablets for other major companies.

Optimising the use of space as well increasing production line efficiencies is a major factor in the production area.

Chanelle required a conveying system to transport small cartons of tablets from the automatic packing machine to the end of line packing area. A process which undoubtedly would speed up the process. Space was an issue and obtaining maximum floor space was paramount.

Chanelle02_w150_borderChanelle PharmaceuticalsLVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. delivered the solution from their superb Belcon mini range. An Aluminum Belt Conveyor was installed and included a small radius bend (200mm inside radius) was incorporated to address the floor space issue.

LVP fully integrated the new conveyor to existing systems and the result was excellent. A manual process replaced with an automated process and the inevitable savings associated with automating processes.

The Belcon mini series comprises of compact and easy to carry mini belt conveyors. The series is ideal for conveying between processes and can also be used in an assembly line as a feeder or as an optional conveyor for mechanical equipment.

Easons01_w150_borderEasons Wholesalers are one of the main book distributors in Ireland and as with any order taking, picking, packing and distributing business, production systems are paramount to operational efficiencies.

Easons take orders from hundreds of bookshops everyday and receive stock from suppliers everyday. The manual systems were becoming less efficient with the volume of orders going through. Easons decided that an automated system would significantly improve accuracy and speed of orders and installed a sortation system. The sorter sorted the books into the correct box and then needed to be transported to the distribution area.

LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. were approached by Easons to provide an automated conveying system which would speed up the process from packing to distribution. The conveyor needed to carry boxes of books from the automated sorting area through to the packing area.

LVP chose a line shaft powered roller as the best option primarily because of weight and how easy it is to control the product on the line. The system was installed within 3 weeks and Easons were delighted with the improvements in efficiencies. Boxes were going with the correct books and going to the right destinations with increased volume and throughput.

Chivers01_w150_borderWhen you’re in a business as hotly competitive as the one Chivers are in, you have to maximize productivity in every aspect of your operation. The value of the preserves market in Ireland is estimated at retail level to be €20.95 million and constantly improving production and distribution is high on the Chivers agenda.

Chivers recently installed new jar washers and fillers which provided a challenge on the jars of jam & marmalade production line. They required some method of conveying the product through the new machines to the end of the line. LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. were chosen as the conveyor supplier primarily because of their ability to provide the total solution from their vast range of products and services. LVP’s approach and subsequent implementation resulted in the perfect solution with minimal disruption to the production line.

The conveyor chosen by LVP was from their range of slat band conveyors. A stainless steel, slat chain option was preferable in this instance due to the nature of the product moving along the line. The slat chain proved to be most efficient option, as jars travel very well on this conveyor.

The result for Chivers was a new conveying system which fully integrated with the current system. LVP not only provided the conveyor but also the technology and implementation. The project took just 2 weeks to complete from start to finish.

Chivers are delighted, as there was little disruption and improved productivity.

IrishBreeze01_w150_bordeIrish Breeze, Ireland’s only manufacturer of soaps and cotton wool products was the most recent company to enjoy the benefits of the Belcon mini series from LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd..

Irish Breeze recently installed a new manufacturing process in a clean room for their patented wet wipes pack, and subsequently needed to convey the product from the clean room to the packing area which was on the other side of the wall.

LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. immediately looked to their Belcon minis range, as this would provide the perfect solution. A pusher was installed to transfer the product at 90 degrees. The pusher was fully integrated with existing conveyor systems which allowed the product to travel through the clean room and out into the packing area.

The Belcon mini series comprises of compact and easy to carry mini belt conveyors. The series is ideal for conveying between processes and can also be used in an assembly line as a feeder or as an optional conveyor for mechanical equipment.

Integrating a new process to existing systems can often slow down production for a period and may prove a costly experience. LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. delivered a cost effective and efficient solution to Irish Breeze with minimal disruption to production lines. Irish Breeze were very happy with the new system – and parents and babies everywhere are happy with the new BabyKind baby wipes from Irish Breeze!

FMC InternationalLVP Conveyor Systems Ltd., the principle suppliers of conveyors and automated systems in Ireland have been automating processes for companies for over 20 years.

The high concentration of Pharmaceutical companies in Ireland has meant that LVP have had the opportunity to provide leading edge conveying solutions for this high tech industry sector.

The most recent achievement within the sector was for FMC International in Little Island, Co. Cork, a bulk pharmaceutical site.

FMC approached LVP to provide a system that would allow for automation in the manual filling of large drums of powder. The system needed to be installed on the powder filling line and allow for the drums to be erected to 180 degrees to remove any foreign bodies.

LVP provided a Powered Roller Conveyor System, which allowed the drums to be accumulated and separated by pneumatic blade stops, and filled manually before being palletized. The conveyor system transported the empty and full drums to an automatic palletisers which cut out any manual handling of the product. The systems significantly speeded up the processes and cut out any man handling of the product.

This had positive implications for health and safety issues associated with manual lifting of weights. Production time was increased and FMC were very satisfied with the benefits the new system brought to the production line.

Terumo BCTLVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. have recently completed the second phase of a complex conveyor installation at one of Northern Irelands leading medical device companies.

The project in Terumo BCT, based in Larne, was founded on the success of a previous line which was installed in 2010.

The system provides fully automated delivery of plastic trays which carry a delicate drip component from one cleanroom to another.

The medical device is assembled in the first cleanroom and then fed to operators in the second clean room on a JIT (just in time) basis where machines fill the device with fluids. This process is managed by operators.

All conveyors are high specification cleanroom grade stainless steel. The bulk of the system is made up of 220mm wide Carryline conveyors with some Okura jabucon “water” indexing conveyors. The controls functions include Stainless steel control panels with AB PLC and inverter control, a series of pneumatic stops for gating and releasing product and specialised operator finger block sensors to call product to the filling stations.

The overall brief of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a low maintenance, modular, aesthetically pleasing materials handling system to handle delicate product was met and exceeded with flying colours.